What does LA Fete mean?
​The name LA Fete is short for Living Arts (LA) and "Fete" meaning festival or a party. It's pronounced "fett", rhyming with set, met, pet, let...get it?  Most Alumni (people that have attended in years past) affectionately call it "the fete", as in, "I can't WAIT to go to the Fete!"

​LA Fete started out as a gathering but became a four-day "jam session" where painters share and collaborate their talents to create new ideas, and work on old ones to make them fresh again or work on portfolio pieces.​

What is this food I keep hearing about?

As if four days of painting weren't enough, there's also the food that makes this event unique. Local hosts come together to help create special authentic Cajun and home-cooking dishes for everyone to enjoy throughout the Fete. The only thing more fun than painting with old friends is eating a meal with new ones!  The meals that are provided will be listed with the schedule.  But I'm a vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free/on a diet, what about me?  We TRY our best to give other meal options to those with special diets or vegetarian friendly versions, but please plan in case we can't make that happen for ya....Thanks!

LA Fete Food
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